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Pallet Labelling - A Sweet Success

Labels conform to EAN standard.

Sunday, 21 October 2001

Sugar for Industry is the industrial division of British Sugar, supplying many thousands of tonnes of bulk sugars to major confectionary producers and food and drink manufacturers all over the country.

British sugar carries out regular product emergency tracking evaluations as part of its quality procedures at each of its nine processing sites. Although a labelling system for the purposes of this product has been in place for 20 years, it was essentially a manual system.

The company contacted inventory tracking and data management experts DATA Dialogue. In this case, DATA Dialogue set up each of the sites for British Sugar as a stand-alone operation, supplying all necessary software, printers and bar code scanners as a package best suited for the individual needs of each site.

The recommended printer was the TEC B-672 printing thermal transfer labels. The printer sits in a metal case making it ideal for the British Sugar environment. Printing labels up to 6in (170.6mm) wide at a print speed of up to 203mm/s, the B-672 was ideal for British Sugar's requirements.