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A short synopsis of example Data Dialogue solutions:

* AIR EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL - (Pallet Labelling System)
Data Dialogue has worked with AEI to determine the size and design of bar-coded international shipping container labels and created the agreed label design format.
Data Dialogue have agreed a European supply contract to provide each AEI depot with at least one barcode label printer and associated ancillary equipment.
Working with TEC, the printer manufacturer, and AEI, Data Dialogue has established a European support network to provide AEI with on-site maintenance.

* BRIDON ROPES - (Goods receiving)(Shop Floor Data Collection)
Bridon Ropes have a number of internal processes through which product passes as part of the manufacturing process. Data Dialogue created a single Laser Scan Terminal program which supports the requirements of each process. The program has since been developed to support additional operating sites. The Laser Scan Terminal data is transferred to host PCs through a Data Dialogue designed network of Communication Nodes.

* DANA - (Branch Goods Receiving System)
Dana has a distribution centre based in Milton Keynes and a number of retail branches (Brown Brothers) throughout the country. A Goods Receiving system, using Laser Scan Terminals, was designed to increase the speed and accuracy of the daily Goods receiving operation at the Brown Brothers branches.
Based on the success of the pilot system installed in the major Dana branches the system will now be introduced into each branch in the UK.

* FREUDENBERG - (Transaction Management System)
Freudenberg Non-Woven manufacture man made materials ranging from filter material to abrasives. The Transaction Management System allows raw material and finished goods to be "transacted" to different locations throughout the factory. The system comprises Goods Receiving, Order Picking and Despatch Control.
The company AS400 running Infoflo interfaces directly to the PC based Transaction Management System.

* HP FOODS - (Pallet Labelling and Shop Floor Data Collection)
Palletised manufactured products from up to six production lines are wrapped at three stretch wrappers. A Pallet Labelling System produces a label for each pallet with a unique pallet number to allow full product traceability.
Following the labelling the pallets are tracked through the production process to shipping to off site warehouses. Status management allows the management to inhibit shipment of any pallet not cleared for shipment.

* MARS CONFECTIONERY - (Asset Tracking System)
Mars Confectionery wished to maintain a database of both their fixed and portable PC stock together with a record of each PC’s configuration. The DOS based Asset Tracking System allows the operator to generate an asset number and corresponding asset label. A database record is created for the asset and the operator would fill in the associated fields on the host PC screen. Subsequently a Laser Scan Terminal would be used to validate the location and configuration information for all of the registered assets on site.

* P&O - (On-board Emergency Mustering System)
Each crewmember on board the P&O cruise ships has an identity pass. P&O have included a bar-coded crew identity onto each pass.
In the event of an emergency the crew assemble in pre-arranged areas. The person responsible for the mustering has a portable barcode reading terminal which contains all crew member identities expected at the muster point. Each crewmember arriving at the muster point would be "checked off" the list leaving any members that had not arrived.

* PEDIGREE PETFOODS - (Case Validation System)
The manufacturing process at Pedigree Petfoods requires a pallet load of flat cases to be loaded onto an automatic packing machine. It was possible for the wrong cases to be loaded for the product being produced.
Portable Laser Scan Terminals are programmed with the product code, EAN Code and Traded Unit code. The operator loading the cases would scan the barcode on the product and on the case to ensure a "match". The system paid for itself in the first week.

* PLYSU plc - (Warehouse Inventory System)
The Warehouse Inventory System allows palletised product to be moved through the different production and warehouse processes and tracks their movement. The Laser Scan Terminal data may be transferred to the host PC through the internal telephone system. The system also validates the vehicle loading operation to ensure that the exact quantity of containers is loaded onto a vehicle.

* SWALEC - (Depot Stores Issuing System)
The SWALEC depot stores are moving from a fully manned to a partially manned operation. To ensure that there is full stock reconciliation the persons entering the store while it is not manned will use a portable Laser Scan Terminal. The Laser Scan Terminal has a parts issue program to allow the parts issued to be allocated to specific cost centres.
The data is transferred to a host PC and subsequently transferred through a modem link to the central computer system.

* TYNE & WEAR FIRE BRIGADE (Asset Tracking)
Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade wish to use the Data Dialogue Asset Tracking System to maintain the asset register for all of the Brigades’ assets. Assets on fire engines will be uniquely identified and subject to regular audit checks.

* VICTORIA COACH STATION - (Left Luggage Control System)
Victoria Coach Station has installed a full EPOS system that prints a bar-coded customer receipt and a bar-coded luggage label. The system has a flexible-charging matrix for the luggage charges.
The customer receipt has a unique barcode reference number. At the time of luggage receipt the operator indicates the location into which the luggage is placed. On customer return the charge is calculated and the operator guided to the luggage storage location.
The system automatically calculates excess charges. Management reports are available to show till receipts.